Consulting on investor relations, designing processes and key IR tools to resolve the post-IPO issues of Future Financial Group raised by the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) (FTRE)

IR consultancy & basic IR tools

What we did
  • Prepared internal documents for the IR department (regulations, guidelines, and policies)
  • Prepared content recommendations for the IR section of the corporate website
  • Designed IR tools
  • Reviewed the submitted materials and prepared the IR presentation and Q&A in both Russian and English
  • Supported top management at an investment forum, engaged in investor meetings (one-on-one meetings, small group meetings), prepared a debrief
  • Wrote and designed the company's first annual report

The issues raised by the Moscow Exchange were resolved: the IR team developed new capabilities that will help drive strong performance going forward, and we engage in continued cooperation on the development of additional IR tools
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