CSR consulting and non-financial reporting, including reporting on sustainable development and CSR under international standards

Sustainable development

We help to incorporate sustainable development principles into the working environment of your business to improve the economic performance, to make it socially responsible, and to meet social interests and the interests of your key stakeholders

What we do
Application of international initiatives (GRI, UN Global Compact etc.) and best practices, compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements in the field of sustainable development
Non-financial reporting
Reporting on sustainable development and CSR under international standards
Analysis and development of the corporate strategy and management systems for sustainable development and CSR
Sustainable engagement
Review and assess of social and ecological programs' performance — design sustainability reporting elements and systems
Analysis and disclosuse of ESG indicators in corporate reporting
Overview on stakeholder engagement for the purposes of non-financial reporting and its independent assessment and validation
Why us
We consistently review best practices and keep up-to-date with regulatory and market developments
Consulting 24/7
With us, you always understand what we disclose and why
Strict timing
We understand the importance of timely disclosure
International certification
Our team includes experts with international IR and CSR certificates