We created a presentation on CROC's digital transformation project designed to make things easier for HR departments

Change or disappear

We were engaged to create a presentation explaining how CROC's advanced digital solutions can help businesses deliver lasting changes
Our approach
We used storytelling and easy narrative with a focus on visuals. The presentation was structured into three parts: at first we explained the relevance of digital transformation, then we featured a special character named Mark to solve the case, and finally we presented the ISIN solution powered by CROC
  • Generating scenario & structure
  • Storytelling
  • Developing a consistent visual style
  • Designing a slide deck
A presentation for emails and meetings
34 PowerPoint slides
Russian language
The team at Five managed to present the idea of 'change or disappear' in a very friendly, fresh and entertaining manner. It's stunning and creative!

Vladimir Buevich / Project managment, CROC
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