CSR Report for #1 in the diamond industry

We developed the 2018 CSR Report under GRI Standards for ALROSA, a responsible leader in social and environmental aspects in the diamond industry
Client: ALROSA
Industry: mining (diamonds)
Language: Russian
Reporting period: 2018
Project terms: February - June 2019
Project team: 4 persons
the challenge
To develop the report under GRI Standards while meeting reporting best practice
our approach
We started by focusing on objectives, target audience, and key messages to plan the project. This helped us to outline the structure and content for each section of the CSR report. While refining of text to ensure accuracy, clarity and consistency of style, our consultants advised on how to achieve best practice in disclosures and to comply with GRI Standards
  • Working on the report text concept – 3 options
  • Formulation of a questionnaire to interview stakeholders
  • Working out the scope of material aspects
  • Drafting of ESG indicators and their disclosure in the report
  • Consulting on the integration of UN 2030 sustainable development goals into the Company's strategy
  • Information disclosure under the requirements of the GRI standard
  • Processing of materials received from the Company, forming the content of the document and disclosure of information under the developed structure and the GRI standard's requirements
  • Revision of the treatment guidelines of the Company
  • Preparation of the table of report's compliance with GRI standard
  • Communication with the independent auditor regarding all comments and adjustments
  • 2-fold proofreading
The content of the report was delivered within the agreed customer deadline. The independent auditor checked and approved the report
project team
Project management: Tatiana Miroshnichenko
Content editing: Tatiana Miroshnichenko, Tatiana Voronina
Proofreading: Olga Shuvalova
Reporting consultant: Irina Linnik
Design: DEZA
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